Ultrasound examination for the assessment of vascular causes of erectile dysfunction

More than 50% of men between 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can appear in early youth, too. Half of patients describe ED as moderate.

50-90 % of ED is attributed to organic causes, with the vascular cause as the most frequent among them (50-70%).

Description of the examination
For the purpose of examination, 10-20 micrograms of Caverject is injected in the cavernous body of the penis in order to relax the smooth muscles of blood vessels and sinuses of the cavernous body and cause erection as the result of increased blood inflow. The dynamics of the arterial and venal blood flow is monitored in certain time intervals with the help of non-invasive ultrasound Doppler scan. The duration of the examination is up to 45 minutes, depending on the reaction to Caverject and the flow dynamics. The patient must bring a 20 microgram dose of Caverject that he picks up at the pharmacy, which is best done shortly before the examination, and stores at the temperature of up to 25° C until the examination.

Patients for whom the use of Caverject is contraindicated are not suitable for the Doppler scan.

This applies to patients with:

  • an allergy to the Caverject ingredients
  • sickle cell anaemia, multiple myeloma or lymphoma
  • penis implants
  • conditions in which sexual activity should be avoided – e.g. severe heart disease
  • phimosis

Stress and mental tension (because of physiological reaction of organism to stress) reduce the effect of Caverject and may cause a false positive result of the test.

Before the examination, the patient signs the Statement of Consent (*doc / *PDF) and completes the Questionnaire (*doc / *PDF).

A rare but possible complication is a long-lasting erection treated by specialist in urology. For this case, each patient is given written instructions »IMPORTANT NOTICE« (*doc / *PDF) with instructions for acting.

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