Ultrasound scan of carotid arteries

The ultrasound scan is the basic examination in the detection of early and advanced atherosclerotic changes in carotid artery walls. The most frequent as well as significant are the changes in the carotid artery, especially its bifurcation. Advanced constrictions of carotid arteries disturb the blood circulation in the brain and are a significant cause of stroke. Besides detecting changes in the walls and lumens of arteries, modern ultrasound devices enable the measurement of blood flow in veins.

Atherosclerotic changes must be detected early, before the appearance of clinical symptoms of this condition, as the advancement can be stopped by preventive measures and medication.

Preparation for examination

No preparations are required for the examination.

During the examination, patients lie on their back, with slightly raised head of the bed and open collar.

The duration of the examination is 30 minutes.