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The diagnostic centre UltraLab d.o.o., with registered seat at Tržaška cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (referred to as “UltraLab” or “we”) welcomes you to UltraLab’s official website. We thank you for your interest in our services and hope that our website answers any questions you might have in respect of our services.


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Information provided on the UltraLab website are provided for informative purposes only and may not be construed to have any legal effect. UltraLab aims to update the information on the website regularly, however does not assume responsibility for eventual errors or outdated information, especially with regard to the price list for the services. The price for examination, as listed on the UltraLab website, is subject to price list changes and depends also on the scope of consultation provided to an individual patient. Prices valid at the time of confirmation of appointment apply.

Any and all medical information or content on UltraLab’s website are also informative. UltraLab does not provide any medical advice on the website and the said information should not be used or construed as such. All health-related issues should be dealt with your personal physician or other competent health care institutions.

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Exchange of information with UltraLab by means of electronic communication

Contact information provided on UltraLab’s website are not intended for submitting details of your medical history / problems or forwarding medical documents, therefore you are invited to refrain from submitting such correspondence. UltraLab does not assume any liability in respect of potential disclosure of such personal data due to electronic manner of the data transfer.

UltraLab online form should be used for scheduling appointments only, whereby the contact e-mail address is available for other general information with regard to UltraLab and its services. UltraLab reserves the right not to reply to electronic correspondence or to reply to it with a delay, without assuming any liability or responsibility in this respect.

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